Sunday, September 5, 2010

Being vocal is not the answer ?

Being vocal is not the answer. I have seen many people who are really good in speaking out; through vocally. But sadly, in my opinion, mostly were used to only blame on others. Vocally used to only blame others without giving out any suggestions or even to lend a hand in helping to correct the situation, this is wrong. A cheap publicity is only used to gain popularity; obviously.

Actually, if everyone can see it clearly, all these are only liabilities which is use to destroy instead of building it. Tear things down and make things or situation worse. They do not know how to appreciate the little things that God has given to them. Clearly, they just brood, pointing fingers to others and kept blaming them. Moreover, with the enviousness that they have inside them. They cannot see anything good in their life. As if they were born to only spread hatred; hate remarks as what people would say. Published false statement towards other people which now I can see is happening everywhere, blaming the government or even to other individual. These got to stop! Stop your antics because YOU are only destroying

Planting seeds of success in their mind (way of thinking). Develop the rich habits to succeed (way of doing things). Wealth is a way of thinking and doing things. We reap what we sow; this should be set in our mind before it is too late.

Unfortunately, we are not yet ready to take on the world. We are essentially still incompetent politically, economically and even socially. The way we conduct ourselves, we are already defeated even before we fight. The moment we open our mouth, every one knows that we do not know anything. We are noisy but lack of clear directions. Unless we acquire the correct mindset, character and competence, we will continue to only be followers rather than leaders, slaves rather than free men, to be dictated rather than to dictate. Instead of managing society, we are being managed. I dream of the day when we become the head instead of the tail.

We can form a group of Komulakan or youth thinking to study the basics of personal viability - correct thinking, character and competence. Entrepreneurship or empowerment = mobilization of time, talent & treasure (resources) x Character + Competence.