Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Today, the federal cabinet will make decision about the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English. There's no point hiding the fact that the government will be reversing its policy .

Today, we're expecting Deputy Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin will be announcing that the government will reverse the teaching of the two subjects in Bahasa Malaysia.

I have been understood that statistics that have been collected proven that PPSMI was simply not working well for our students in the rural area . But why stop now ? Why don't just improve the weakness of this policy rather than abolish it ?

This will be a disappointing decision . However, I am encouraged, a little by the fact that the government will be putting into place some strong measures to uplift the teaching of English by increasing the teaching hours or find another effective teaching methods .

If school kids need tuition for almost every subject then, there is something really wrong with how teacher are teaching .

I feel uncomfortable when the raise of this sentiment of supporting PPSMI make you less Malay; Malaysian, and being a traitor to your race . I personally think that supporting PPSMI does not make me less Dusun nor being less Malaysian . For your information , I spoke Malay in my daily routines .Will it affect the way i speak and the knowledge that i have towards my writing in BM ? Moreover, as a university student, I still have to learn each and every of the subjects in English because every University is doing so; teaching every subjects in English. Then, if this is the case, why not the government abolish using English in every University in Malaysia? Leading all Malaysian to be MORE like a Malay. Isn't that an unwise decision; to just abolish the usage of English in Primary & Secondary schools because of the incapability and because students are not able to cope with the "language" matter. Then by the time they pass their High school, isn't it the same thing to face the reality of going University & will have to learn everything in English and no Malay translation. What I'm trying to say is, if the government still think that learning Science & Math in English is hard, then when will the students ever get to learn? Well, think of it this way; PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!!

Komulakan UPKO Kota Kinabalu have come up a decision to against the reversing of the policy in the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English in the previous meeting.

Another example of a fail policy by the government ? Then feel free to leave up comments. Ty.

Always remember If you can't convince them, confuse them hehe -DON