Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Anwar Ibrahim Listed No 2 Most Influential' Poll by Foxnews.

Members of the rude, lewd and crude online discussion board, memorably profiled on earlier this month, successfully rigged Time Magazine's "Time 100" poll so that its largely absent founder, Moot, was named the world's most influential person.

With nearly 17 million votes, the 21-year-old college dropout also known as Christopher Poole easily outpaced the No. 2 selection, Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, who got slightly more than 2 million.

Not that Anwar's fans were the ones who voted for him. The 4chan pranksters rigged the entire top fifth of the poll so that the first initials of the first 21 names, when read vertically, spell out the cryptic message "Marblecake Also the Game."

Not bad ahh Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim , more than 2 million vote him . Keep it up .