Saturday, December 19, 2009

MPs to wear GPS ankle tags.

MPs to wear GPS ankle tags, to combat absenteeism!

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak today announced that all members of parliament would be required to wear permanent ankle tags with global positioning capabilities, in line with the government’s efforts to ensure that MPs attend parliament sittings.

“I’ve always tolerated members of parliament who need to skip the sittings once in a while, perhaps to attend to affairs in their constituencies,” said the PM. “But when an MP is missing half the time, then he or she’s just makan gaji buta (getting money for nothing).”

Najib added that with the US-made device, no MP would be able to lie about where they are, since their location would be monitored by a newly set up task force under the minister in charge of parliament, Datuk Seri Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz.

“We’d be able to tell if an MP is playing truant. The device can pinpoint exactly where they are, so if they say they can’t make it to a sitting because they’re busy helping some poor farmer get his buffalo out from some dried mudhole, they’d better not be fibbing. We’d know if they’re having a massage in some hotel or catching New Moon at a cineplex,” stressed the BN chairman.

Najib also said that, if need be, he would order the country’s spy satellites to monitor and capture the image of the MPs and their wherabouts.

“This would only be reserved to the hard-core absentees, of course. Like how the traffic police uses cameras to catch road offenders in action, we’d do the same with our errant MPs. In fact, here’s an example of such aerial spy images, taken just five minutes ago,” said the PM, showing a screenshot of an MP from Negri Sembilan having a smoke outside the parliament building. “As you can see, with such details, no MP would be able to lie about their activities. Heck, you can even tell the brand of the ciggie he’s holding!”

P/s: The wives of those MP’s and ADUN sure love the idea. They can track their hubby’s where about.

Recomend to Najib .Why Not!!.....

Thursday, December 17, 2009

MP BN Perlu Lebih Peka !

Menteri Menteri Kabinet yang tidak ada dalam dewan

Timbalan Timbalan Menteri


Bajet 2010 lulus dengan kelebihan 3 undi.

BN mempunyai 137 wakil rakyat di Dewan Rakyat manakala pembangkang 82 dan Bebas (tiga).
Tetapi statistik menunjukkan bahawa seolah olah MP Barisan Nasional Ini tidak bertanggung jawab .Saya tujukan ini kepada seluruh MP MP Barisan Nasional Yang tidak hadir mengundi usul bajet ini .Jika kamu sudah tahu bahawa Parlimen akan meluluskan Bajet dan memerlukan undi kamu pergila disana , itu la Guna kamu sebagai MP kerajaan!

Lebih memburukkan ada pemimpin BN yang lebih teruk, Tuding jari kepada pembangkang.Ini salah sendiri , sudah tahu akan berlaku proses Undian , menyalahkan pula Parti lawan.
Jangan melihat dan mengkritik pembangkang kerana cuba menggagalkan Bajet 2010 daripada diluluskan Parlimen malam kelmarin. Itu kerja mereka.Itu tanggungjawab mereka sebagai pembangkang.

Ahli Parlimen BN perlu sentiasa berada di Dewan Rakyat ketika persidangan berikutan pembangkang akan menggunakan proses undian belah bahagian untuk menggagalkan Bajet 2010,dan usul usul lain.Bacaan kali ketiga Bajet 2010 kelmarin diluluskan dengan majoriti tiga undi iaitu 66 menyokong daripada BN dan 63 menolak daripada pembangkang.

Menariknya, Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak dan Timbalannya, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin turut hadir lewat malam bagi memastikan undi BN mengatasi undi pembangkang ,bayangkan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak yang sedang menghadiri satu majlis di Sekolah Chung Hwa di Jalan Ipoh,Kuala Lumpur terpaksa bergegas meninggalkannya untuk berkejar ke Parlimen setelah mendapat panggilan ‘ kecemasan’ tentang jumlah Ahli Parlimen pembangkang melebihi Ahli Parlimen BN dalam Dewan Rakyat.

Ahli Parlimen Sepang Datuk Mohd Zin Mohamed yang baru turun dari pesawat di KLIA sekembali dari luar negara tidak sempat pulang ke rumah.Kebetulan sebaik saja menghidupkan telefon bimbitnya di lapangan terbang itu dan membaca SMS yang masuk meminta segera ke Parlimen,beliau tanpa memikir panjang terus mengarahkan pemandunya memecut ke bangunan Parlimen

Jika dilihat pada awalnya bajet yang diperuntukkan kepada Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN), hampir ditrolak ,pengundian dijalankan yang menyaksikan keputusannya 64 suara menyokong bajet untuk KDN diluluskan manakala 63 menolak. majoriti 1 undi .
Bukankah ini menggambarkan betapa ramai Ahli Parlimen tidak peka?

Berdasarkan amalan, jika bajet tidak diluluskan, dalam bahasa mudahnya, kerajaan sedia ada dianggap telah tumbang, dan Parlimen akan dibubarkan atau Kerajaan akan berganti .

Ternyata Ketua Pembangkang sangat Marah kerana MP MP pembangkang dan Bebas tidak hadir pada waktu yang disifatkan mereka sebagai tuhan telah memberi peluang , tetapi tidak digunakan sepenuhnya .

Berikut senarai MP MP yang Telah hampakan Penyokong penyokong Pakatan Rakyat :


Actress Zizie Ezette has married controversial Kinabatangan MP Datuk Bung Moktar Radin, several web portals, including mStar, have reported.

However Bung denied the reports with a chuckle and said

""I am not handsome enough for her." Siapa la saya ini , hanya orang kampung.

when the reporter SMSed him to confirm whether the wedding had taken place, he replied: "No kahwin (marriage), hahaha." When asked if he had proposed to her, he did not reply.

The Kinabatangan Umno division chairman was elected a Supreme Council member at the party election this year. Bung Mokhtar is well-known for his blunt and “bocor mulut” style at the parliament. In 2001, he shouted a four-letter word twice at Chong Eng (DAP) during verbal clashes.
He also caused an outcry for uttering a sexiest remark against Fong Po Kuan (DAP) when he said “Where is the leak? The member for Batu Gajah also leaks once a month.”

Meanwhile Zizie, 31, was the TV Best Actress for the RTM Seri Angkasa Award 1999.

Monday, December 14, 2009

We are opposing the proposed Goods and Services Tax by the federal goverment !

We are opposing the proposed Goods and Services Tax by the federal goverment ,
last week The Second Finance Minister , Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanazlah has revealed yesterday that he expects the new law on the GST to be passed in March next year, and will be fully implemented by January 2012. He had earlier mentioned that he expects the GST rate to beset at 4%.

We would like to outline here 3 pre-conditions before a GST system can be imposed in Malaysia:

1.Malaysia must first achieve the “high income” status bandied about by the Prime Minister before imposing GST.

Today, out of a population of 27 million, there are in effect only 1.8 million tax-payers who pays any income tax, or only 6.7% of the population. Even if we were to take into account only the 12 million working population, it is only 15% of them who have pay any taxes. The 85% who don't pay are those who actually don't qualify to pay any taxes because their income is too low. However, with the implementation of GST, every single one of them whether they are earning RM500 a month or RM1,500 a month or even RM2,500 a month, who don't currently pay any taxes, will be forced to bear the heavy burden of the GST.

Therefore, it is only fair that the income levels of the average Malaysian is raised to a level where the overwhelming majority of working Malaysians are already taxable before the switch is made to a GST or indirect taxation system.

2.The Government must get rid of all “hidden taxes” in our daily goods and services first before any new tax on such services are imposed
The rakyat are already heavily burdened by “hidden taxes” payable to Barisan Nasional (BN) crony concession companies such as the toll on the highways, or the huge subsidies to the Independent Power Producers (IPPs) as well as the high water tariffs to the privatised water concessionaires due to the lob-sided contracts signed by the Government with these parties. These “hidden taxes” are paid daily to these crony companies which amounts to billions of ringgit a year enabling them to make astronomical profits annually.

Hence until the BN Government demonstrates the political will to restructure these concessions to ease the sufferings of the man on the street, imposing the GST will only rub salt to the would of the people for we will then have to not only pay for high toll, electricity and water rates, we will have to pay GST on top of them!

The BN Government must demonstrate that it does indeed believe in its slogan of “people first”, and not in reality, “crony concessionaires first”.

3.The Government must exhaust all avenues of raising funds and ensure that maximum value is extracted from all Government assets before any attempt to raise additional taxes from the rakyat.

For example:

The Government has refused to openly auction the 30,000 to 60,000 approved permits (APs) issued annually to private connected companies to import foreign vehicles which can in itself raise up to RM1.8 billion per annum. In contrast, the Second Finance Minister claimed that the new GST will only raise approximately RM1 billion per annum.

The Government has refused to conduct open tenders for its privatisation exercises to ensure the best quality at the lowest cost such as the building of the new mega-Matrade Convention Centre for RM628 million.

At the same time, it has also refused to openly auction its land for sale but has instead awarded a 62.5 acres piece of prime land at a valuation of RM197 million to a private company, when the independent property consultants have valued it between RM970 million to RM1.5 billion!

With so many other means of raising additional funds and mechanisms to reduce cost for the Government to carry out its programmes, there is absolutely no necessity for the Government to be imposing the GST at this stage, especially in the light of the fact that 85% of the working population will be heavily burdened because their income levels are still low.

We call upon the Prime Minister to fulfil the above conditions first, including his own promise to achieve a “high income” society, before even contemplating to reform the tax system with the implementation of the GST.

Why this federal cabinet minister stil being stubborn ? Dont blame the Rakyat if they vote you out in the next general election !

Article send by one of my Ajk komulakan K.K